OmniJoin: Meet Smarter. Care Smarter.
OmniJoin for Healthcare: Tele-health, Tele-education, Tele-everything OmniJoin for Healthcare: Tele-health, Tele-education, Tele-everything

HIPAA Friendly Video Conferencing Software

Brother OmniJoin is a secure cloud-based, video conferencing solution that enables healthcare providers to provide personal, quality care while maintaining HIPAA compliance and expanding their reach through a comfortable, easy-to-access service.

  • Advanced Security: OmniJoin meets the HIPAA requirement
  • Meet the Way You Want To: It’s easy to host and join appointments from virtually anywhere with our mobile conferencing app
  • Share With Confidence: Transmit, share and annotate patient charts, prescriptions and X-rays
  • Partner Ready: Integrate our telemedicine platform with your existing software packages for added customization

Telehealth; Clinical Trainings; Professional Consultations; Admiinistrative Meetings

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How Does Telehealth Conferencing Help Medical Professionals?

OmniJoin telehealth conferencing from Brother delivers high-quality, highly-secure voice, video and collaboration through online meetings, in our public cloud or your own private cloud.